I’m a Second Year?!

Feels like I only attended orientation yesterday, even though it was a year ago…and walking through the halls of SPH, it’s hard to remember that now I’m the second year! Not quite sure where time went, but here we are, end of September and things are picking up quickly. First year, much of our time was

iKure Internship – Update 4

It’s been a busy July, and we were finally able to get the community health worker (CHW) training underway! Of course, since we are in the middle of monsoon season, the rains tend to get in everyone’s way. We were supposed to train 10 CHW, but 2 couldn’t make it on account of the rain.

iKure Internship – Update 3

They always say that the time you spend at your internship will go by quickly….and those proverbial people were right! Time is flying so fast here… Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper experience if everything we planned for actually went our way. We had backup plans and backups to the backups, but sometimes (no,

iKure Internship – Update 2

And we’re off! Hard to believe the second week is coming to a close already…this week we focused more on the technology side of the project – getting the surveys and forms uploaded and ready for the Community Health Workers to use on the tablets! This week I learned more about the technology aspect of

internship season

In the crazy wrap up of the semester, it’s been difficult to work on all of my online writing projects, but now that it’s summer I will have more time- in theory. Because  summer and for SPH students transitioning into second year, that means it’s internship season. We are all dispersed to new locations across