Greetings From Carrie!

Ann Arbor has beautiful autumns!

Ann Arbor has beautiful autumns!

Hello all!

Carrie Rheingans

Carrie Rheingans

Thank you for visiting the University of Michigan School of Public Health student blog!  I’m excited to share my experiences with you during my time here.  I’ll try to avoid acronyms, and I’ll use real names for professors and classes, so you can learn more about them from their faculty pages.  I will, however, be changing my friends’ names to give a little privacy.

This is my 6th year as a University of Michigan student, since I went here for 5 years for my undergrad degree in German Language and Literature and Cellular and Molecular Biology.  I took a couple years off to work in the field at the People’s Food Co-op and the HIV/AIDS Resource Center (HARC).  I learned a lot about natural remedies at the co-op and gained valuable public health experience doing HIV testing, education/outreach, and event planning at HARC.  I’m in the department of Health Behavior and Health Education (HBHE), and I’m in the process of applying to the Unviersity of Michigan School of Social Work to do the dual degree.  Right now, I’m doing my field placement for HBHE as an AmeriCorps member serving with a team of seven AmeriCorps members in Detroit.  I grew up mainly in Michigan (except for two years in Georgia in elementary school), and I’ve lived in Freiburg, Germany and Durban, South Africa, both times doing research and playing lots of soccer!  I’m excited to be doing an additional field placement in Lima, Peru this summer through the Field Experience in Latin America (FELA) program.

As a student blogger, I hope to give you some insight into campus and Ann Arbor life, U-M Public Health courses, professors, and more.  Please leave comments to ask questions and add opinions – and take the polls!

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    • FELA went to the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Colombia last year, and this year, they’re adding Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Honduras, and Brazil (as well as one non-Latin American country, Tanzania). One great thing is that Armando Matiz, the faculty member that oversees the program, really tries to get students to be able to go even if they don’t speak Spanish.

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