Getting that Fellowship

Andrew Jang

Andrew Jang

Some of you prospective students are probably wondering, “What is an Administrative Fellowship?” and also, “How will it help my career?”

Well let me first say, an Admin. Fellowship is not the only route to becoming a leader of a medical center or hospital, but it does give you an opportunity to see many different things within a hospital and medical organization.

What is an Administrative Fellowship and how will it help my career?

Usually, these fellowship last anywhere from 1-2 years. Depending on the structure of the program, you are usually shadowing the CEO or COO and are considered a part of the Executive Team during you years as a fellow. You get opportunities to work on interesting projects that help build value to the organization all the while developing important skills and contacts that will propel you into a future in health care leadership.

My fellowship at Duke University Health System is with the Patient Revenue Management Organization (PRMO). My past internship with the University Healthsystem Consortium (UHC) really helped me guide my choice to a finance based fellowship rather than your more traditional hospital fellowship. Although I will have the opportunity to work closely with all the hospitals within the Duke University Health System, I will get to really flex the invaluable things I learned in my fellowship to other applicable situations and projects. I think my preceptors at UHC really helped guide my fellowship choice and also created some great contacts along the way. My summer internship at UHC gave me the opportunity to meet with CEOs of leading Academic Health Care Institutions and converse with them their greatest fears and hopes for our health care system and managing a hospital not only operationally, but financially.

In the class of 2009, we have students going to many different fellowship throughout the country. We do range coast to coast. From the University of California, San Diego to Cleveland Clinic to New York University to the University of Alabama, Birmingham, we have students going everywhere this year. Our education at Michigan has really helped to prepare us for the rigors of an Administrative Fellowship and has given us, what I believe to be, an advantage over our peers in showing CEOs and those who choose fellows that we are ready, wiling, and able to take on great responsibility straight out of graduate school.

If you have any questions about our Health Management & Policy program or Administrative Fellowship, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Now I’m off to Spring Break!