Internship Learning Objectives

Carrie Rheingans

Carrie Rheingans

For those of us who do an internship/field placement, we have to write learning objectives before we start so we can focus on what we want to learn from our internship. For the Department of Health Behavior and Health Education, we base these on our core competencies. I just submitted mine to my advisor and am now ready to start counting hours toward my internship! Since I’m doing over 1700 hours for my AmeriCorps service, I’ll have plenty to use to count toward my maximum 636 for HBHE… plus, I’m going to count some hours from my Field Experience in Latin America internship in Peru.

It was pretty easy to write my objectives based on the competencies. The way I started was by going through the competencies and seeing which ones will be covered by classes I’ve already taken. Many of them were covered already in my first semester! I discovered that the HBHE department has a couple that don’t currently have an HBHE class that covers them, so I decided to set those as my objectives. There are a couple more that I thought might work especially well for my agency, too, so I chose them as well. It was a pretty easy process, and it made me excited to start the new field placement in Lima in July! If you’d like to see my learning objectives as an example, I’ve posted them online here.

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