Swine Flu, part deux

Carrie Rheingans

Carrie Rheingans

Since I wrote my first post about swine flu, ahem, “2009 H1N1”, many things have changed and we know a lot more. It’s not as deadly as first thought, and this year’s flu shots are not effective against it. On June 11, the World Health Organization declared this strain of flu to be a world-wide pandemic.

Dr. Sandro Galea, Epidemiology Professor and Director of the newly created Center for Global Health at U-M, spoke to National Public Radio about the reactions of the general population to what public officials say about disease outbreaks. You can also listen to the interview online.

I’m in Perú now for my extra internship, and it’s been one of the most talked-about topics in the news – radio, newspapers, and TV. It’s starting to get really bad here, since it’s winter. School is on vacation for two weeks for the national holidays, but the Ministry of Health is considering extending the vacation a week or two to combat the flu epidemic. I can’t help but wonder how often I’ve been exposed to it since I ride the overcrowded micros, combis and busses… I got my flu shot, but it doesn’t help against this new strain. Too bad!

3 thoughts on “Swine Flu, part deux

  1. I feel you, I’ve been interviewing women in Guatemala. Sometimes the women come with their children and a kid sneezed ON me the other day!

  2. Hey, Carrie! Great blog — love the site!

    You mentioned that the Ministry of Health in Peru is considering extending school vacation for a week or two. Since the flu is all over the news, have you heard of any other measures they’re taking to help fight the pandemic?

  3. Yikes – sorry about that Manuela! Hope you got to wash up after that 🙂 Amy – they did end up extending the vacation another week. This past week was the national holidays of Peru (independence from Spain 28 July 1821) and they ended up canceling all the normal, big-crowd activities in Lima, the capital. No parade, no big shows, no fireworks 😦 Additionally, they’re posting big signs all over the place. I got a good picture of one today that I’ll post soon.

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