SPH Students in the Community

Carrie Rheingans

Carrie Rheingans

Like Valentina, I had a very busy weekend (we were at the same three events!). I wanted to highlight the involvement of SPH students in the community yesterday at the Dia de la Familia Latina event sponsored by the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Michigan Health System. Two HBHE students spearheaded the efforts to organize the event and coordinate volunteers. Lots of SPH students from many departments volunteered to help at the event as interpreters, registration helpers, and even at some of the community tables.

SPH Students at Dia de la Familia Latina

SPH Students at Dia de la Familia Latina

Having gone to the event the last two years, I was very happy to be there again. I thought this year’s event had a lot of really great, family-friendly activities in addition to the health screenings. I was at a table for the organization I’m doing my social work internship for and had a great view of the arts and crafts table. The clown that was painting faces and making balloon animals was right next to it too, which made for a very entertaining time!

Pilar’s Tamales catered the event, serving Salvadorian-style tamales, fresh salsa, platanos (fried plantains), and agua fresca that was made with watermelon and lime juice. Super delicious, super filling and vegetarian-friendly (fake-a-tarian-friendly?)! Pilar’s uses as much organic and fresh ingredients as possible, which supports some of the Cancer Center’s messages.

Pilar's owner Sylvia serving fried plantains

Pilar's owner Sylvia serving fried plantains

This event benefited from the SPH students, and the SPH students benefited from the event. We got to see some ways that healthcare can be delivered in community settings, and we got to learn more about the local Latin@ community.

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