Filling in to talk health care reform

Hi Everyone: MB Lewis here, and I’m going to fill as the 8th blogger for a while at UM SPH. I’m what is probably called a nontraditional student, older than most. (Please don’t think of the Chevy Chase character on the community college TV show!)

I’m in my second semester of the Certificate in the Foundations of Public Health online program, CFPH for short. I’ll take one course in each of UM SPH’s 5 departments and have 1/4 of an MPH when I’m done. I really got a lot out of the Health Behavior class I took last semester. The HMP 602 Survey the U.S. Health Care System I’m taking now looks to be such an amazing opportunity, I’m eager to tell more people about it. This is mostly because Rich “Doc” Lichtenstein is so enthusiastic himself to be teaching this course in this moment in time. He says he’s been teaching it for 30 years, talking about how the U.S. health care system is broken, just as his professors before him did. For the first time, health care reform seems possible… and for the first time he doesn’t know what his course content will be by the end of the term! He’s hoping we’ll all be talking 31 million more Americans becoming insured.So stay tuned as we learn what’s going to happen together.

I also meant to tell you that my day job is working on UM SPH web content for the Office of Communications–which is why it’s easy for me to jump in here with the bloggers.  More soon.

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