Job Search = Not Always Fun


Valentina Stackl

After putting it off for way too long I finally decided to get it done. I emailed my resume to everyone I knew and trusted, send out slews of emails asking for advice from family and friends, and buckled down by reserving at least one hour per day to work on my resume, cover letter, and finding jobs. If you’re in the same boat as me, here’s some advice:

1) Ask for help! Sending my resume to friends and family really made a difference. I got great advice and made a ton of edits. Ask recent grads what worked for them!

2) Browse the web for advice on how to set up your resume. There’s a lot of information out there that can be helpful.

3) Keep checking for jobs- regularly! The website Idealist has been my go to job search website. Also, because I want to move to Washington D.C. I regularly check on the website of the Washington Post. 

4) Follow up on connections. I did my internship in D.C. over the summer and my older sister works there as a social worker. E-mail people you know and see if they have heard of openings that might interest you. 

5) Use the services available to you from SPH like career services and alumni.

If you have any advice on this topic, feel free to comment!

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