Lessons Learned Outside of the Classroom

Janaiya Johnson

Janaiya Johnson

I can’t believe I will be graduating in two months! In welcoming newly admitted students, I began to think about what I’ve learned over the last two years. Yes, epidemiology, biostats, PLENTY of theories…but some of the knowledge I’ll take with me was not acquired in the classroom.  I was truly fortunate to have a wonderful faculty advisor.  I believe forming a relationship with my faculty advisor allowed me to smoothly transition into the program and make the most of my experience. I remember going to my advisor’s office with an excel sheet FULL of courses I wanted to take, and Dr. Caldwell helped me narrow my focus and choose the classes that would most align with my career goals.  I had the opportunity to work on one of Dr. Caldwell’s research projects which was an amazing experience.  In addition to giving great advice and being an excellent mentor, Dr. Caldwell has a great sense of humor, a trait I appreciate the most.

In volunteering with various initiatives in the Office of Admissions, I have had the opportunity to work with Kim Elliott, Director of Student Services. Kim has served as an excellent resource and has provided invaluable career advice.  Having the mentorship of both Kim and Dr. Caldwell has enhanced my experience at SPH and I am grateful that both were willing to share their advice and experience with me. So, I say all of that to say: find a mentor! Be it your faculty advisor, supervisor, second year student, or PhD student; finding someone who can provide both academic and career advice will be extremely helpful in taking advantage of all the MPH program has to offer.

One thought on “Lessons Learned Outside of the Classroom

  1. Hello
    i was looking through the prospective website and i cam across your blog
    am currently a second semester senior. very excited to graduate and am planing on applying to university of Michigan with a concentration of health promotion and education.
    wondering if there any advice you can give me about the admission process and the courses in general.
    thank you

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