2010 Census

Tiffany Yang

The Census is coming! I mean, in our mail.

I was actually really excited to fill out a census form. It only comes every 10 years and provides data to determine the number of seats each state is allotted for the House of Representatives, helps determine funding for hospitals and schools, and is a great tool for researchers (as I’ve come to learn in some of my classes). I received mine in the mail today and, while I had my back turned making tea, my boyfriend filled out the form. I was crushed. I had waited years to make my contribution and was foiled. But, this goes to show you that it really is that easy to fill out the form. 10 short, easy questions. The most you have to do is spell your own name and check a few boxes. Then you stick it in the envelope they’ve provided (postage already paid for!) and tuck it in your mailbox.

There’s been some talk recently about making sure college kids to fill out the census forms. Most people in our age range aren’t sure about whether to fill them out because college/grad school is “transient” and, therefore, wouldn’t that make the census inaccurate? Well, no. The census is a snapshot in time of the composition and location of our population. And wherever you are right now is what you should put on the census form.

Something I really want to stress is that this doesn’t take long to answer (2 minutes, tops), you don’t need to be a U.S. citizen (only a resident), and provides information so that accurate decisions (that affect your life) at the governmental level can be made.

This is what I don’t want to happen: you get the form in the mail and think to yourself that you’ll fill it out later because you’re just too tired/stressed/can’t be bothered to fill them out at the moment. A day goes by. Two or three more. You think about it and how you should take the time to fill it out but something else keeps getting in the way. Before you know it, the deadline has passed.

The forms are due April 1. Get to it!

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