Ann Arbor Protest Against SB1070


Valentina Stackl

I took a little study break from finals this afternoon to participate in the Ann Arbor protest against SB1070 that will require Arizona immigrants to carry identification documents on them at all times. They will now be able to be asked to show proper identification if they “look” like they could be illegal. How does someone look illegal? This is an open invitation for legalized discrimination based on the color of someone’s skin or the language that they speak. Not Fair. Even though we are thousands of miles away the Ann Arbor community stood in solidarity with immigrants in Arizona to show the state and federal governments that we will not stand for injustice. Fellow blogger and Public Health student Carrie was at the protest too! Here are some pictures:

Also, it got me thinking about graduation day. Saturday, May 1st, is the school wide graduation at the stadium with President Obama as the key note speaker. May 1st is also May Day- or International Workers Day/Labour Day. May 1st will also be the day of a huge protest in Ann Arbor to remind the President to stand behind the DREAM Act and Comprehensive Immigration reform.

Saturday will kick off at 9AM-11:30AM at Frisinger park (on Stadium and Woodbury) in Ann Arbor. Then there will be a Human Circle around the stadium at 10AM-12PM on the public sidewalk of Keech from Greene to Main (along Main street). THEN there will be a march in Detroit from 1:00PM to 3:30PM (you can sign up to get a bus ride to Detroit by emailing 

It really got me thinking about what is important to me. Sure, I am graduating but how can I enjoy the fruits of my labor if I know that so many people cannot enjoy the fruits of their labor, and are being treated unjustly. I would love to see some people in caps and gowns at the protest. 

Please call the congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for Michigan representatives: Senator Debbie Stabenow, Senator Carl Levin, and Congressman John Dingell. Tell them you stand in solidarity with the protest against this horrible piece of legislation and ask them to take a stand against it. Also, call Arizona Governor Brewer (the one who signed this anti immigrant, racially profiling legislation into law) at (602) 542-4331. Tell her you do not agree with it. 

Si se puede!

4 thoughts on “Ann Arbor Protest Against SB1070

  1. I ,just want to express my sincere feeling of gratefulness, for your solidarity to the spirit ofjustice, solidarity to the human spirit of fairness. in short words to the real american spirit, that is also the spirit of our struggle, here in Arizona, that it seems like it’s changing it’s name to Nazizona.
    i really admire your wisdom and rationality,that you practice in your way of thinking.You are another example of what this great country is -with no fear, bold in new challenges and wise-.
    But , I want you to know, and I want all the people of the world to know that i would never thought that the regim of Apartheid that for many years was practiced in South Africa, and was eliminated more than 20 years ago by the people of that Nation together with the people of the world. it would metamorphosed, from there to reappaer here in Arizona. We the people of brown color skin; citizens of this beautiful country; are living the nightmare of the Apartheid regim, some police groups have been for some time nowthe iron fist of a small group of racist people here in our state, this has been coming for many yeatrs, We must remenber that in 1997 the chandler police department conducteds a raidon U>S> citizens of brown color skin. on that time many people fromdifferent backgroundsand odf all colors fought against that injustce. and they accomplished to stop that kind of racism from the white elite in the police department. But now with the implementation of the state bill 1070 the racist gang of the republican party that has highjack our democracy. Now they have legalized the new Apartheid regim in the world.
    As the world was united in the elimination of the South African Apartheid some 20 years ago. Today again all people from all U.S. and the world will joint forces to defeat this inhuman law.
    You are one of many voices; I could say millions of voices; that have risen in opposition to this macabre and shameful law.The human spirit of justice, reason, and wisdom will prevail.
    thankyou again. and peace be with you.

  2. Gracias Salustio for you comment. Many of us here stand in solidarity with what is going on in Arizona, and seems to start happening in other places too (like Mississippi where they are trying to sign a similar piece of legislation into law). We will do anything we can do stand against injustice!
    Saludos de Michigan

  3. Muy interesante cómo llegaste a estudiar Salud Pública. Y qué bonito lo que estudiaste de Escritura Creativa. Yo hice un curso On line, y otro menos intensivo en una blibioteca. me gustó mcho. Y la salud también es un tema que me interesa.
    Saludos esde Málaga, España-

  4. Should have a community-based action on the 29th of July against the enactment of the bill! Depends on upcoming decision…but the whole thing needs to get tossed.

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