Meatless Monday: Not Just for Tofoodies

Danielle Lepar

Danielle Lepar

The objective of Meatless Monday is to improve society’s health by reducing meat consumption by 15%. In addition to improving wellness, this effort provides a variety of other incentives and tools to get people on-board.  To start, those who go meatless can save cash since plant-based meals often cost less than meat dishes. Using their Swap Meat! Chart, people can also add variety to their staple dinners without venturing too far into unfamiliar, vegetarian territory. And while it may be less obvious, decreasing meat consumption reduces global water demand.  Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute told NPR that for every ton of beef produced, it takes 140,000 bathtubs of water to grow the grain needed to feed the cows.

While I suppose it would’ve been more fitting to blog about this on a Monday, the philosophy backing the Meatless approach applies on any day of the week. That is, making incremental modifications to jndividuals’ routines can lead to more drastic behavior change  and improvement across many areas of health.

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