What We Talk About When We Talk About Food

Tiffany Yang

Awesome title, right? It’s one of those where you need to pause for a second in order to untangle it. It is also the title of the Food For Thought seminar that is being held this Wednesday, October 27, in SPH I Lane Auditorium, Room 1690 SPH I at noon.

The Food For Thought seminars are a very new and very very cool seminar series that features speakers and topics that revolve around nutrition. We’ve had several speakers already and this Wednesday we’ve got Darra Goldstein. She happens to be the editor of Gastronomica, a beautiful journal which I’ve thumbed through before. Although the link to the seminar information doesn’t say what what she’s going to talk about, the title is so intriguing that I imagine it will be quite engaging.

As for me, when I talk about food (to be expounded in later posts) I’m talking about food from the ground, from the trees…food we can have a connection to. Regardless of your personal beliefs on food, I encourage you all to attend this seminar and hear what another person thinks what we talk about when we talk about food.

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