Conferences: GLC Reaching Excellence in HMP Symposium and Net Impact Conference @ Ross

Saurabh Vyas

Saurabh Vyas

Farewell to Fall,

I am writing this sitting by a huge glass window at a cafe I usually frequent to get my daily fuel – coffee. The weather in the past few days in Ann Arbor has been lovely, and I must say this has been a great Fall with lots of sunshine, a weather to envy and go for a run… As much as I would love to just be outside and soak up the sun, I have been quite caught up with a number of events over the past couple of days. My finance exam was only a fraction of that. 🙂 One of the biggest events that I am excited about is the upcoming GLC Reaching Excellence in HMP symposium. As I had mentioned in my last blog post (which has been a while ago), the event is all set to be the biggest event at the School of Public Health attracting alumni of the Health Management and Policy program from all over the country. On last count there were more than 600 delegates already registered, consisting of students, alumni and distinguished speakers like Dr. Donald Berwick (Administrator of CMS), John Griffith (distinguished Professor in HMP department), Beth McGlynn (Asso. director RAND corp.), Stephen Shortell (Dean of UC Berkeley School of Public Health) among others. More details regarding the speakers can be found at – The symposium is on November 5th at the Mendelssohn theater in the Michigan League, followed by tailgate and a football game the next day.

So, what makes this symposium so special? For me, there are three major reasons which make it very exciting. First, with the current health reform debate ( I am still unsure if things will actually be ‘implemented’ – more on that in my next post), there are a lot of ideas regarding the implementation and integration with the current health system. This event will be a great platform to hear and even discuss the effects of reform from various healthcare angles – be it provider, insurance, or life-sciences. Second, the biggest alumni event for HMP Department, it is an amazing opportunity to meet and get inspired from alumni around the country, at a single location itself !! It is an unparalleled chance to expand your network. Third, for the students looking for internships, and job opportunities, it provides a platform to meet leaders of organizations and learn more about the organization, and may be they will find something that ‘clicks’ and ‘love’.

Another conference, which starts tomorrow is at the Ross Business School – Net Impact 2010; which will focus on issues ranging from microfinance to social entrepreneurship and corporate sustainability.

As the days pass, the weather will get colder. Though I had vowed to capture the Fall this year with my camera as much as possible, I have fallen behind on that front. But here is a photo that is a glimpse into the beauty of Fall. The photo was taken at the main Diag near the Graduate Library.

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