Non-GMO Month

Lauren Reid

My Whole Foods email newsletter so kindly informed me that it is Non-GMO Month. GMO stands for genetically modified organism, and it is becoming a more and more prominent part of the food industry. Although we haven’t yet reached the topic of GMOs in my Epid 807: Controversial Topics in Human Nutrition course, I do have an opinion about them, although I might have to change some of my statements once we do cover this topic!

Genetically modified foods in particular have an interesting history. Seeds for certain crops were created in the 1970s that were more hearty in some way, whether that is more drought resistant or pest resistant or some other way. These seeds were a key part of the green revolution; they touted the solution for feeding the world. However, we now hear more about genetically modified foods in the way of crops that are genetically modified to be resistant to some pesticide. I mentioned “Round-Up Ready Soybeans” in my Food Inc post, and they have indeed almost monopolized the soybean industry. Another huge problem with genetically modified seeds is that once crops grow, it is almost impossible to stop the spread of these seeds, despite Round-Up’s attempts to. So even those individuals attempting to reduce their exposure to GMOs may not be able to.

The biggest issue for me with GMOs is that we know so little about them. They are such a new, untested exposure that we are ingesting with little thought. One dietitian compared GMOs to secondhand smoke, and I think she makes a very good point. Another point she makes is that because these seeds spread, at some time very soon, its going to be impossible to avoid GMOs even though we may not even know the possible effects. That sounds pretty risky.

Now there’s also genetically modified salmon to worry about. Who can actually mate and possibly completely mess with the gene pool. Sounds pretty scary. I don’t think frakenstein fish are for me.

2 thoughts on “Non-GMO Month

  1. Lauren,

    Thank you so much for sharing this great article about Non-GMO Month. Wanted to let you know that WholeSoy was a sponsor of Non-GMO Month as well. You can check out our blog for more information here:

    We also had a great interview done by Modern Hippie Mag with our founder Ted Nordquist about Non-GMO’s you may find interesting:

    good luck in school!

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