Tasha Edwards

Tasha Edwards

Some have them in a bathroom stall, some have the in Starbucks, some have them in the middle of study group, and some people just wait to get home so they can pretend it never happened. Whenever and where ever, I believe we all have them. Meltdowns. I believe I had my worst yet earlier tonight after a cup of tea. I received a test back today, I have a test tomorrow, and a test on thursday, two days from now.

Thank goodness for the vision board. If you have never heard of a vision board, then google it. A vision board is very helpful to say the less. I read a quote from Martin Luther King’s What is Your Life’s Blueprint? speech. The speech is better known as the ‘sweep streets’ speech. My meltdown did a complete turn around when I read the line “study hard, burn the midnight oil” and at ” when you discover what you will be in your life, set out to do it as if God Almighty called you at this particular moment in history to do it”.

I have since been studying for 4 hours straight with no test anxiety, no fear, and no feeling of the rapture is approaching at an exponential pace.

Whenever you find yourself having a meltdown, it is probably time for you to find some motivation.


4 thoughts on “Meltdowns

  1. Thanks for your inspiring blog today! I’m a mom of MSPH student there and appreciate how hard you students are working toward your degree and your contribution to our society. Although Dr. King’s speech may not be particularly pertinent to this middle-aged mom, it still has a message on some level for everyone! I posted the speech to my facebook page today to share this important message because of wonderful students like you who forge ahead and make our country what it is today!

  2. Hi! I think I know exactly the feeling you are talking about, and your advice is spot on! I’m applying to UM for HMP and love your blog posts (although I admit…this one makes me a little scared 🙂 ) Good luck with your semester!!

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