Bleed Just A Little

Tiffany Yang

I just donated blood. You should as well.

We are currently in the midst of the Blood Battle, the yearly blood drive competition between U of M and Ohio State. I personally could care less about the competition. What I do care about, though, is the significance behind donating blood. Your gift of time and body fluid will have a tremendous impact on someone’s life.

The American Red Cross website has some interesting facts about blood donation but a couple things  stuck out while I was scanning through the site. Did you know that less than 38% of people who are eligible to give blood actually do, and the two most frequently cited reasons for not donating are either fear of needles or that the thought just hadn’t occurred to them?

I can’t help anyone with needle-phobia, but everyone at the university has received an e-mail from E. Royster Harper, so there is no excuse for not knowing about the blood drive. I know there are a lot of students who think they don’t have the time, but it doesn’t take that long (from me walking in to walking out it took exactly 1 hour) and this is much more fulfilling than sitting in front of the TV for an hour. Trust me.

Sign up with your friends! Go en masse! Demand that they take your blood! Well, you’ll have to meet the eligibility requirements, but I’m sure most of you do. Don’t let the thought of time or possible (short-lived) pain deter you from doing something good.

I don’t care if you give because you want to kick Ohio State’s butt or if you do it to feel good about yourself. Any reason to justify giving is good enough for me (and anyone who needs your blood). So, please sign up and wear that bandaged arm with pride!

2 thoughts on “Bleed Just A Little

  1. Hey Tiffany,
    Great post, and oddly enough, you made it exactly one year after my blood battle post! 🙂
    I’m donating tomorrow.
    And thanks for bringing it up again!

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