IASA presents Samasti

Katie Sloter

Katie Sloter

I am obsessed with beauty. Not the glossed over, edited beauty that can be found in the fashion magazines (that I only read on airplanes or ‘days that don’t exist’ such as can be found when there is a snowstorm or storm of any sorts).

No. I am obsessed with beauty in cascades of words, the raw visceral beauty that exists in the minutia of our days. I love doorways, photography, people that smile crookedly. Micro-expressions. Water and fire and the kindness of strangers who let you turn in front of them on the road when they could have just kept driving.

One of the things I love about living in a university town is that the beauty of different cultures has a chance to be celebrated. My friend Lindsay Ward, a first year MPH student, chose to be a part of Samasti this year. She spent many hours practicing for the evening, along with nearly a hundred other University of Michigan students. Samasti was put on by the Indian American Student Association of the University of Michigan. This was a celebration of the various types of dances from different regions in India, and it was a smashing success. The dancing had everything I enjoy: slashes of color, fabric, culture, energy, humor, and vivaciousness. I thought it was an awesome way to integrate a little beauty, culture, and class into the experience of being a graduate student. Thank you IASA for a great evening!

Lindsay Ward, MPH 2012, in full garb for Samasti

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