Big Chill At the Big House

Last weekend, in the middle of finals studying (and right after my second round of the LSAT), I broke a guinness world record.

Now, to be fair, 113,410 other people also broke a world record on Saturday, but I don’t think that lessens its value at all.


Record Breaking Attendance

Last Saturday, December 11, 2010, was The Big Chill at the Big House, an outdoor hockey game between Michigan and Michigan State in the newly renovated Big House.

I have been a Michigan Hockey fan since my boyfriend took me to a game my sophomore year.  I know (and love) all the raunchy cheers, and make a point to learn all the players first names so I can cheer them on like a hockey mom (I know this is weird, but it doesn’t bother me).  I was there for the CCHA championship game last spring after a mediocre season, when we beat Northern Michigan for the top spot.

And now I’ve been a part of the biggest hockey game ever.  And although I had confidence that we would beat Michigan State, I didn’t realize it would be a fantastic 5-0 shut-out.  Let me say, it was nice to beat those Spartans in the Big House again.  It was an incredible experience, with fireworks, a B-2 stealth bomber flyover, and a victory for my hockey-playing Wolverines.

I knew what to expect in terms of weather as I trekked to Madison Wisconsin last February (right before my first epid exam, which I actually did super well on!  Who knew long car rides were so conducive to studying!) for the Outdoor Classic hockey game at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison.  I dressed in LOTS of layers, and the cold wasn’t even noticed.  I think it had something to do with the atmosphere in the Big House too,  and the student section who didn’t sit down during intermissions thanks to bleachers wet from standing on them in snowy boots.  We were all so happy to be there, so bursting with energy.

Michigan Hockey is an experience in itself, so if you ever happen to be free on the night of a hockey game, GO.  Yost Ice Arena is one of the most intimidating college arenas to play in, but its awesome for Michigan fans.  But I don’t know that any game at Yost can compare to the Big Chill.  I’m so glad I was here to experience it.


The Hockey Boys

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