It ends, to Begin again

Tasha Edwards

Tasha Edwards

Just the other day, I was suppose to write about the end of the semester, finals, traveling home and what not. Since that failed to happen, I find myself writing about the beginning of the semester all over again. 2 weeks is not a long break at all.

Briefly about the end of the semester, it was very stressful and I never want to do it again. Oh well, I can dream. On a good note, I did visit the undergaduate library. I highly recommend it. It is not for heavy study sessions, but it was nice to see the bubbly fresh faces of the youth of America. I am only 22, but there is a certain spirit and ora that only undergraduate exude. I became very nostalgic about the days of yesteryear.

On to the next, I have 5 lessons I learned last semester that should help me during the winter term:

1. Do not cram. Even if it works, it leads to a severe amount of test anxiety in which you can not remember anything you learned the night before.

2. Do not take your laptop to class. The cons outweigh the pros. It’s good for taking notes and following at your own pace, but it is heavy and boy can it be a distraction.

3. Studying alone beats studying in a group. Group study can help, but it can cost a lot of time, which is a scarce resource. It can also be more of a distraction and hinderance than anything else.

4. Do not get behind on assignments, reading, or studying, because once you do, there is likely no catching back up. You will literally feel like you are drowning.

5. Do not hesitate to ask for help. I know I said group studying was a waste, but if you have specific questions and problems, the longer you wait to ask, the more time you will waste. Peers, professors, graduate assistance, youtube, and google are all valuable and available resources.

These are just a few things that I discovered that may or may not work for you.

Tasha Edwards

One thought on “It ends, to Begin again

  1. Hi Tasha.
    Your blog is great, especially I like your ‘lessons’ from the last term. Good points to stick with in pursuing success in our program.

    Awaiting for new posts! And have a good term!

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