A new year… a new beginning

Hi everyone,

It has been a really long time since my last post. Part of it was the really hectic schedule that we had towards the end of the Fall semester, especially since I was juggling more credit-hours in the second half, and partly because of some trips to California and the East coast which kept me in the airports more than anywhere else.

Over the last couple of months, I got an opportunity to meet students in health care administration from other top schools across U.S. We shared a lot of our views, ideas and also the subjects that we all felt were crucial for the upcoming decade with regards to U.S. health care system as well as the health systems in other parts of the world. An obvious question which arose was – If all programs have so many similarities in curriculum, what sets Michigan apart? I feel the answer to this is based on two major advantages that I have not only observed but cherished over the last one and half years here in Ann Arbor – exposure to senior leadership in health-care, and a more comprehensive curriculum inclusive of policy aspects. Many of these conversations with the senior leadership has centered around the importance of process management in health care industry including providers, insurers and suppliers.

Over the past year or so, I have got immensely interested in learning about supply chain management and the possibility that many of its principles and components can be modified to improve health care delivery, making it efficient as well as accurate. Over the past semester there were especially two classes which I really enjoyed very much – HMP 690 which was an executive in residence class taken by a Sr. VP from InterMountain. The class was extremely engaging, inspiring and beneficial for cultivating that leadership attitude and vision. Another was a class on operations research which gave an insight into using softwares like Excel, @Risk and Simul8 for conducting decision analysis and monte-carlo simulations. Especially with the current uncertainties, and growing interest in integrated data analysis systems, such data needs to be analyzed to identify potential opportunities.

Last, I wanted to share a glimpse of the lovely winters in Ann Arbor (when it is not super freezing of course). The spotlight is always stolen by very unusual models – squirrels. Here is a pic that I shot some days back… For more winter pics of Ann Arbor keep track of ‘Winter in Ann Arbor’.


Squirrels in Ann Arbor Winter Wonderland

More to follow very soon in my next post. I am looking at sharing some news articles which I came across on the internet and which can have an impact on the health care industry in general.

– SV

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