Winter Classes

Lauren Reid

I’m not sure how it happened, but last week marked the beginning of my last semester at UM SPH.  The time has definitely flown by.

The beginning of a new semester, and more importantly, a new year, is always a nice time to start fresh.  For a lot of people that means new years resolutions to eat better, go to the gym more, procrastinate less.  As students, we are not immune to the resolution bug.

One of my resolutions was to broaden my horizons.  It’s pretty vague, but I think that’s okay.

This semester I’m only taking two courses within my department, and another 3 outside of Environmental Health Sciences.  With my law school plans for next fall, I figured it was about time I jumped into the law aspects of Health Management and Policy with HMP 653 – Law and Public Health, and HMP 687 –  Health Care Negotiations.  I’m excited for both courses, as they seem like perfect transition courses from my public health degree to a law degree.

I am also, quite fittingly, enrolled in HBHE 670 – The Stress Process, which will be helpful while I bite my nails waiting to hear back from law schools.  But in all seriousness, I think the class will be really interesting.  A student asked on the first day of class about animal models for stress, and when Dr. Krause suggested that animal model is probably not the best model for the type of stress and stress responses he was interested in, it completely rocked my world.  As a toxicology student, rodent models were where it’s at — everything was done through animal studies.  Therefore, it should be a very eye opening course.

Oh and those Genetically Modified Foods I posted about last October?  Turns out the scientific consensus on them isn’t too favorable either.  Thanks Epid 807 for affirming my treehugger gut feelings.

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