Life Sciences Orchestra Winter Concert

Tasha Edwards

Tasha Edwards

On Sunday, January 23rd, I went to The University of Michigan Life Sciences Orchestra Winter Concert. I was invited by my classmate, Linnea Johansen. She plays the violin and though she failed to mention it in class, she is First Chair. I was amazed. Please, check out the video.


One thought on “Life Sciences Orchestra Winter Concert

  1. Wow, Tasha. It’s amazing that most everyone in that orchestra is faculty or students in health sciences at UM. More at:

    Here are the SPH people:
    First Violin: Linnea Johansen * Graduate student · concertmaster or mistress
    Second violin: Sonja Capracotta Postdoctoral Researcher · Environ. Health
    Cello: Betsy Foxman Professor · Epidemiology
    Andrea Knittel Doctoral student · School of Public Health
    Horn: Edward Norton § Professor · Professor of Health Management and Policy
    Trumpet: David Aaby Graduate student · Biostatistics

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