Yay for the Spring Break!!!


I finally squeezed out some time to write up an update… Last few weeks have been very hectic since I have been juggling 7 classes, a graduate instructorship, and lots of student organization activities. We just wrapped up all the final procedures for a student-led trip to Hagley Gap Jamaica, which is being organized by Students Engaged in Global Health (SEGH), which now includes students from across UofM. We were delighted to have support from SPH, which really took a lot of the team’s stress off the project at the last minute. Since, this is only one of the two trips SEGH is organizing this year, the next team is already gearing up to head off to Nicaragua, and soon that will keep me occupied. Now I know many of you will be thinking what does SEGH do?

SEGH was established by some really enthusiastic students in 2007, and since then has expanded to various schools across UofM, especially SPH, School of Public Policy and recently LSA (undergraduate departments). We have been involved in raising awareness regarding global health issues, and the various administrative, policy, epidemiological issues that influence health care outcomes in various regions. Just a couple of months back, many such student organizations – undergraduate and graduate, involved in global experiential activities joined forces to form International Project Collaborative (IPC), which will now operate in liaison with International Center and Ginsberg Center among others. This would usher in a unique era of student partnerships, where students from engineering, public health, business, policy, law and others can pool their ideas to the benefit of a community in a developing region creating a major impact. Such a collaborative and proactive student approach sets Michigan apart from most other schools. The motivation students bring to the table is infectious and the passion to make a difference based on each individual’s skills is very prominent.

I would keep you all updated on that and my Florida trip in my next blog post very soon. Keeping fingers crossed…But for now, I am done with a lot of my classes at Ross and its time for Spring Break!! (believe me I am not gonna miss this break for any other thing in this world…) 🙂

On the final note, SEGH is organizing a wonderful school-wide game, where everyone can participate – Assassin… The game is a serious strategic play mixed with lot of fun for a couple of weeks. The game begins after spring break, and for many of us it will be a memory of one of our last couple of weeks at SPH. I must say time has flown by very fast and it is almost two years since I joined the school. Let the game begin!!!

And as always… my pic of the post is a snapshot of the Bell tower and a Michigan Blue Bus that I clicked near the Michigan league, after a snowstorm… Right when the snow was fresh on the ground, I decided to strut around Ann Arbor with my camera in the middle of the night… 🙂

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