Tuesday: I may or may not have Googled, “Is 23 too old to become a movie star?”

Katie Sloter

Katie Sloter

George Clooney is shorter than I thought he would be. But George is funny. And laid back. Mostly, he seemed kind. And I was just a little teensy bit starstruck. But ya know, I played it cool. Partly, because I am cool. But mostly, because the piece of paper with all the rules on it detailed no phones, no photos, no squealing,  no bothering the busy actors … and directors.

I was a theatre minor in undergrad (among a few other things) and so when a news link popped up saying that the Ides of March was taking applications for extras, I immediately sent in my information. This is a feature film about politics, and the dirty work that can occur there, directed by Clooney.

I heard back on Sunday that I had made the paid extras bracket in the movie. Call time was at 6 am Monday morning, and I was to be a student attending a primary democratic convention. I made my coffee, and drove to the extras parking lot at 5:45 am, carefully picked-out outfits in hand. A shuttle then took us to ‘extras holding’ where staff chose which outfit was most ‘democratic’ looking, gave us paper-work, and fed us a fairly decent breakfast. Since it was the paid group, this was a smaller group of people (aka more George time). We were painstakingly arranged (for over 3 hours!) to look ‘randomized’ and ‘diversified’. Each seat we would sit was hand-picked by staff. I got assigned to the third row.

We did take after take of George Clooney (aka Mayor- so-and-so main-character-guy) and a student having a discussion about civil rights. The cameras panned across the audience attending the primary (me!) and the extras leaned towards this camera and that camera, trying to maybe make it in the film.

The day didn’t wrap until 4 pm, when Ryan Gosling made an appearance. Who knew? Ann Arbor ain’t L.A., but that doesn’t mean you too couldn’t one day make your fabulous feature film debut… 🙂

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