Two years is a long time… or is it? Lets take it personally…

I must admit, I have not been posting as frequently to this blog as I had hoped. But as I near the graduation day (Yes! Its 28th April!!), I wanted to reflect upon my past 2 years at Michigan, both from personal and professional viewpoint. It would be so difficult to convey my thoughts and my experiences in 500 or even 1000 words, but here it goes…

Personally, life at Michigan has been a ‘rollercoaster’ with ups, downs, some really scary turns and then some really exhilarating experiences. But hey that’s what makes life more interesting. And did I forget to mention, the love-hate relationship that I share with the weather here? Summers in Ann Arbor have been beautiful with the out-in-the-park festival, the art fair and a weather that is perfect for long runs. I really enjoyed my last summer in Ann Arbor and the fall which is as beautiful as it gets. However, winters are a different thing altogether. This winter has been so harsh that I am beginning to wonder if it is indeed possible for me to go into hibernation. Then there have been some very interesting experiences but all of them have taught me something… about myself… about human psychology and a lot about ‘practicality’ (more on this as I discuss in my 2nd post).

However, for most part I have thoroughly enjoyed Michigan. There is a different charm of Ann Arbor with all its happening night clubs, bars and great restaurants which can be addictive, the charm of a small city full of enthusiastic students, with an infectious creative, innovative and free attitude. This is something which I will miss about Ann Arbor and probably one thing that will bring me back again and again. I am sure everyone who lives here feels that same attachment to Ann Arbor. Over the past 2 years I have flown around US, visiting numerous cities from east to west coast, and Ann Arbor figures in my most loved places list.

I will specially remember some fun-filled times at Dominicks, Rush St, Conor-o-Neils, Blue Leprechaun, Ashleys, Melange and Jolly Pumpkin among others. Ann Arbor has also been a foodie’s dream with its diverse cuisines and independent styles. And sports!! I must say I will miss watching exciting football games at the Big House, the Big chill and even watching cricket with hundreds of people fixated to large screens with excitement palpable in the air…

And has it been a professionally enriching experience? Absolutely, but more on that in my last blog post…

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