Wrapping up the year

Katie Sloter

Katie Sloter

I have one more final on Wednesday, and then I get to go home. After I move from my apartment (with the help of good friends donating their time and muscles!) After I drive 11 hours in Rhonda my Honda.

I am very excited for my field experience this Summer in the Dominican Republic, where I will be working with mothers of children under the age of five to improve child health. I am excited to utilize and improve my Spanish and I am excited for classes next semester (I nerd out in choosing my classes fairly meticulously).

I love Ann Arbor, and I am a bit sad I won’t get to see these Summer activities and enjoy the warmth I have heard so much about.

I love all that this school has to offer, I love my courses and friends and this town.

However, most of all, I love my family and miss them, and as much as I enjoy this place– nothing is more exciting right now than the thought of going home.

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