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 Hooray for summer!  I’ve been working at my summer internship for a few weeks now, and I absolutely love it!  I feel very fortunate to be completing my field experience requirement this summer at What’s In Your Cart? with owner (and University of Michigan School of Public Health Alum) Stacy Goldberg

Have you ever walked into the grocery store looking for a healthy food alternative and left feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options?  What’s In Your Cart? strives to alleviate this confusion by teaching consumers how to read food product labels and select products that fit their individual lifestyles and specific dietary needs.  Stacy Goldberg started her company after graduating from the Human Nutrition program at the School of Public Health, and she offers private and group grocery store tours, and also partners with Plum Market to promote nutritious food products, which are identified throughout the store as Functional Five items.  Additionally, Stacy counsels individual clients and maintains an office at Franklin Athletic Club, and most recently, she has partnered with Daily Gourmet as their Nutritionist.  Daily Gourmet offers special deals on gourmet food products produced by small companies—really cool!

 I have been lucky to already work with all of these programs in my few weeks as an intern.  My first day as an intern was pretty fabulous—fellow intern and Human Nutrition student Kim Devine and I enjoyed a delicious lunch with Stacy at Pizzeria Biga, where she outlined the many facets of her company.  The timing was perfect, as Pizzeria Biga had just launched their new menu featuring nutritious options developed by Stacy and Chef Luciano.  It was great to see a pizzeria with fresh and healthy ingredients—they even offer gluten-free crust made with quinoa flour for those with gluten sensitivities!  We plan to spend more time at the restaurant during the summer to gain experience in the methods restaurants use to prepare and distribute healthy menu items. 


Photo Credit: Pizzeria Biga


 I have also spent time gaining familiarity with Functional Five products and identifying new potential products for the program at Plum Market.  Spending a few hours in the grocery store is my idea of the perfect afternoon!  I also followed along in a grocery store tour and jumped right in with participants in a nutrition label reading exercise.  We all selected our favorite yogurts in the dairy section and analyzed the labels.  Check out the sugar content in your next yogurt cup—you’ll be surprised by the amount of added sweeteners!


At Franklin Athletic Club, Kim and I selected meal plans for participants in a weight loss program, and we also organized and compiled binders that provide real life examples of healthy food products.  These are great resources for people just learning how to eat healthy, and I definitely found a few products I’m excited to try, too.

 My field experience so far perfectly embodies one of the things I’m most excited for in my career in nutrition—variety!  Each day is different and brings new and exciting opportunities.  I’m excited to see where the summer leads and will keep you all in the loop here at my SPH student blog!

 P.S.  Are you a prospective student with questions?  Connect with Stacy Goldberg and learn more about her experience at the School of Public Healthand her career.  Check out her profile here and feel free to send any questions her way!

One thought on “Field Experience Fun

  1. Thank you for sharing your internship experience, Colleen! I just sent Stacy an email about her career experience as a graduate from UM SPH.

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