5 Tips to Landing a Great Internship

Tasha Edwards

Tasha Edwards

Let’s start by saying, I look nothing like this picture. I will post a picture of my current self below. My, how things have changed in a year. On to the point of this post, my internship. In the fall, I will be second year Master’s degree student at the School of Public Health in the department of Health Management and Policy. I believe that it is a requirement in all the Master’s degree programs to complete an internship between the first and second year of study. My internship is at Henry Ford Health System in the Web Services. The main component of my work in the development and implementations of social media strategies.

I am so lucky to have received this internship, because it is very fitted to goals and talents. The department of web services sits inside of Marketing and alongside Corporate Planning, Public Relations, Communications, and Media Resources. I live for this stuff! I feel that every project I am a part of or take charge of is helping me to hone my skills to be successful in the future. Awesome, right? I know!

So, how do you get an internship as great as mine? Here are 5 quick tips.

  1. Speak up about your interest, experience, and goals. You never know who’s listening, who they know, or what they can offer you.
  2. Be professional in your work, study, classes, and extracurricular activities. I am not saying you need to wear a suit everyday, but look presentable. Employers and alumni visit the school for interviews, recruitment, and workshops on a regular basis.
  3. Do not procrastinate on deadlines, interviews, emails, etc. Someone else could just be waiting to take your place.
  4. Have an idea about the type of internship that would best fulfill you or the place you would like to be live. If you don’t know, then no one else will.
  5. Follow up with potential employers. Like I stated previously, you are not the only student trying to obtain an internship, so you have to make an effort to stay at the top of the list.
I really hope these tips helped. This is how I got my awesome internship, and hopefully you will have a similar story to tell.

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