Another New Beginning

Tiffany Yang

It has been…much too long since my last post.

The end of the semester occurred in a blur and then, all of a sudden, we were graduating. I didn’t walk, but hung out in the crowd with a friend while we watched our friends walk across the stage. It felt so surreal; only 2 years ago we walked into the program unsure of how to become friends but, by the end, we were hanging out every week. Not to mention we all now have an M.P.H. Pretty nifty stuff.

My final days as an M.P.H. student are hazy because I spent a lot of time working on putting together my research proposal for my oral preliminary exam, the second step in the Ph.D. process. I was trying to do it by the end of May, which turned out to be a really ambitious goal. I remember weeks spent reading, writing, editing, and agonizing over my research proposal trying to figure out how everything should come together in the quickest way possible. I was relieved to move my preliminary exam date to late August/early September so that I could more adequately prepare. I’m glad I did because I’ve had more time to sit down and actually think about what it is I’m doing and what it means, instead of trying to cobble information together. It’s an interesting process to go through, though stressful. I had pushed to finish this exam early because the dietetic internship (which is like a residency program for dietitians and is the next step to us becoming registered dietitians) started last week. The idea of preparing for the preliminary exam and doing dietetic rotations 40hours/week was daunting. Thankfully, I’ve put together most of my material and will spend the rest of the summer tweaking and preparing for the actual presentation to my committee.

Tomorrow is the first “real” day of the dietetic internship. We had orientation last week where we met up with old friends, met the new interns coming from different programs, and got a crash course in topics that we hadn’t covered previously or needed some brushing up on. I start at the Veterans Affairs Hospital tomorrow and, while I’m looking forward to putting the last 2 years of my education to use, I’m a little nervous about actually being in the field. Sitting in a classroom provides a barrier to actual application and it’s a bit unnerving to imagine yourself as a “real person” as opposed to a student.

I’ll be posting about my experiences and my attempts to stay alive in the crazy Ann Arbor heat we’ve been having. Wish us luck!

3 thoughts on “Another New Beginning

  1. I enjoy reading about your experiences, Tiffany! It’s a shame you’re not one of the points of contact for “Ask a Student.” I’m interested in the nutrition program and would love to speak to someone from this program.

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