Top 5 Random Things I Wish I Would Have Known As A New Student


Hi SPH!  I hope you are all enjoying the last few days of summer!  I love the “Top 5” blog posts that Katie and Tasha posted earlier this summer, so I thought I would throw my own top tips into the ring.  I’ve learned a lot since my own orientation to SPH at this time last year, and I want to share the Top 5 Random Things I Wish I Would Have Known As A New Student.

1. Research Studies

My roommate clued me in to the world of research study participation during the spring semester, and my world hasn’t been the same since.  Various departments within the University of Michigan are constantly running trials and recruiting participants for experiments and studies.  As a participant, not only will you play a vital role in advancing research and learning, but you will generally also earn a small monetary stipend.  Some of my favorite spots to find studies include the bulletin boards in East Hall, boards in the basement of the Central Campus Recreation Building, and online at the University of Michigan Clinical Studies website.

2. Free Bagels and Coffee

The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan offers free bagels, coffee, hot chocolate, and information about alumni services to all students (bring your MCard) during their Welcome Wednesday events during the school year!  Look at the schedule here and drop by from 8 AM to noon at the Alumni Center (next to the Michigan League).  Bagels certainly helped me through a few early-morning Biostats classes.

3. Rackham Study Halls
I love taking a little road trip from SPH to study at the Rackham Graduate Building!  I didn’t discover this gem until about halfway through the spring semester.  The study halls are gorgeous and the huge comfy chairs really can’t be beat.

4. U-Move Fitness Classes
U-Move is a program within the U-M School of Kinesiology that offers various fitness classes to University of Michigan students, staff, and faculty at low prices compared to the fees for classes you would find at a typical gym.  I took Step Aerobics during the fall semester and Yoga in the spring—both great study breaks!  Peruse the schedule for free sample classes offered September 6 through September 11 to try out a few new classes.

5. Birthday Freebies
Will you be in town on your birthday?  Change your itinerary and stick around if you are planning to be away.  Birthday deals are a legend in Ann Arbor—there is even a whole Wiki page devoted to the day!  Some of my favorite deals include 6 free bagels from Zingerman’s, a free pizza at Ashley’s, free ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s, and free tea at TeaHaus.

I hope this list helps you get started, and I’m sure you will find many more random hidden treasures during your time here at the University of Michigan.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Random Things I Wish I Would Have Known As A New Student

  1. Love your post, I was just about to do another top 5 post, lol. Thanks for letting people know, even me, about the research trails. Also, I agree about taking a break from the SPH study rooms, I really like the Resource Room at the Undergraduate Library. It’s a very old college feel.

  2. I just tried to watch a National Geographic video on YouTube to find a message saying that the copyright holder had blocked me from viewing it because I’m not in the USA.. . Similar to HULU, and Comedy Central.. . Why?.

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