Blog Spotlight: Emily Renda! HBHE Internship and Alumni Coordinator



I’ll admit it — I stole this great idea from the wonderful Katie Sloter, who interviewed Jackie Cormany last semester. Another influential person, not only in the Health Behavior Health Education (HBHE) department, but throughout the School of Public Health (SPH), is Emily Renda.

An alumnus of the MPH program, I spoke with Emily about her role at SPH now –  Here are some snippets from our conversation:

M: What is one thing that you wish you knew when you were a student at SPH?

E: I wish I had known that it goes by so fast and when you’re in it, it feels like you’re slugging through… You’re taking Biostatistics, Epidemiology and you’re figuring out your internship. You’ve lost contact with all of your family and friends because you’re so busy. But the two years go by so fast, so try to take moments every once in a while to look around and appreciate and enjoy the position that you’re in.

M: What is your favorite part of your job now?

E: That I get to work with students! Absolutely – Far and above my favorite part.

M: I think we’re kind of obnoxious personally… (kidding, love you guys!)

E: Of course you are! That’s probably the hardest part too. It’s the best part, and at times the hardest part too. People are complicated and come with complicated situations – but that’s part of my position and I just so enjoy meeting people from all over the world. Everyone is so excited and enthusiastic and has great ideas and a lot of input to bring. So that’s definitely my favorite part.

M: Outside of your job, what do you enjoy?

E: I’m an outdoorsy-type of person. I’m pretty active- I enjoy running, swimming, yoga, biking. I have a dog – Mr. J. Brown, the light of my life. He’s a German Shepard mix, typical mongrel-type, six years old. So I spend a lot of time hiking with him and just doing things with him. I also enjoy movies and reading. Hanging out with my friends- I have a nice little friend base here in Ann Arbor; a lot of friends from when I was in school.

M: What do students come to you for?

E: I’m in the internship coordinator so students will come to me to talk about their internships. I’m also facilitating the new capstone course, so students will not have to come see me– they will have me in class. We’ll be doing an overview of internship requirements, M Portfolio, and professional development, as well as alumni and faculty panels, guest lectures. But I would encourage students to come to me for anything, whether it’s related to school or an issue with a class or colleague, or even personal – I would encourage students to come talk to me, my door is always open.

SUPER Quick Snippets:
How she’s feeling RIGHT now (well, at the time of the convo) = Excited!
She was born = In Cleveland, OH
Her favorite season of the year = Fall
She played this growing up = Swimming
She’s a huge fan of = UM & Cleveland sports (Indians, Browns, & Cavaliers)

While Emily primarily works with students in the HBHE department, she knows a LOT about SPH so she is definitely a valuable resource and feel free to contact her:

Office : 3782 SPH I
Phone: 734/763-6530

Thank you Emily!

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