Flu Season is upon us, SPH!



Flu season is almost here (typically about November to March)! And students at the University of Michigan, and more specifically the School of Public Health (SPH), have a number of ways to get the flu shot if they wish. After having seen the movie “Contagion” this past week,  I may never skip an opportunity to get vaccinated for any condition EVER again. 🙂

But that’s just me- Even before “Contagion,” I have been pretty persistent about getting the vaccine each year. For my HBEHED 624: Needs Assessment class, my group and I are developing an online questionnaire to assess why county employees in Cameron County, TX, get flu shots for themselves and their families or do not. The vaccine is offered at no cost to county workers at an annual employee health fair. So in the spirit of that, I have only ONE question for you:

Just trying to get the ball rolling – If you’re not sure about getting a flu shot, what are the barriers and what are the benefits to getting vaccinated? If you’ve decided not to get it, why not? If you are getting the vaccine or have already gotten it, why did you decide to? These are some of the ideas we are asking about in our survey to the county employees in Texas. We are hoping to uncover why there is relatively low participation at the free flu clinic at the health fair for the Cameron County Department of Health and Human Services.

Back to Michigan – SPH will be holding one flu vaccine clinic for students this year.  If you cannot make it to this particular clinic, you can get vaccinated at the University Health Service as well. Here is the clinic info:

Date:  Tuesday, October 4

Time: 11:00am – 1:30pm

Location: Lobby of SPH II (in front of auditorium)

Fee:   $30 (this may differ based on your health insurance status)

A movie for the Public Health nerd in you!

For more info about influenza, click here!

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