On Community

Katie Sloter

Katie Sloter


When I first moved here, I had come from spending a year living at home after college, working as a writer and dealing with health issues. I had traveled fairly extensively for my age, but was strangely saddened and scared of moving to a brand new place 11 hours away from my hometown.

Of course, I was focused, and I knew that I wanted my MPH for the career I wanted. I liked Ann Arbor’s charm, and knew logically this was the best decision. However, it was difficult to transition during that first week or two before school started and I did not know a soul.

I cannot tell you how fast that time has passed.  I am now faced with an engaging community whom I have come to care deeply about, and am once again strangely saddened that the dynamic will permanently change in just a few months. However, I am also excited for the futures and careers of friends whom I truly believe will do extraordinary things—and I feel privileged to be witness to it, and to have known them. I feel privileged to have gained community here in such a short time.

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