Bags of Cheer Valentine’s Day Cards

I got my craft on yesterday at SPH!  This week, members of the Health Behavior Health Education Student Association (HBHESA) invited SPH students to join them in making homemade Valentine’s Day cards for University of Michigan Cancer Center adult cancer patients.  The cards will be distributed to patients through a program called Bags of Cheer to spread the love on Valentine’s Day.


I joined in on the fun and whipped up a card between classes.  It just doesn’t get much better than busting out some creativity and pink construction paper.

HBHESA Officer Reva Berman explained that the group wanted to do a service project that was fun and meaningful, and also easy for students of all departments to quickly participate in.  HBHESA provided all the craft supplies, so all SPH students had to do was show up and craft away!

I absolutely loved this activity—making the card was fun and easy, and I know the homemade cards will brighten patients’ day.  At the end of the day, positive patient interaction is a huge component of public health practice, and I love that we are practicing what we preach!  Are you in the Ann Arbor area?  You can participate, too!  Check out for information on how you can contribute your own homemade cards to Bags of Cheer.

3 thoughts on “Bags of Cheer Valentine’s Day Cards

  1. HBHESA collected a total of 125 Valentine’s Day cards for the Bags of Cheer Program at the U of M Cancer Center. We thank all students, faculty, and staff that participated during the 3 days of card-making at the School of Public Health.

  2. I’m 82 yrs old and volunteer in the local (award-winning) hospital twice a week, visiting patients to enhance patient satisfaction. Perhaps three or four times a year local elementary school children craft get-well cards to be distributed to the patients. The cards are the funky sort you’d expect third graders to craft, but the patients just adore receiving them.

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