Why I chose the University of Michigan School of Public Health?


2 years ago, I sent off my application, completed my in person interview, and was accepted into the program of Health Management and Policy here at SPH. But, I still had a decision to make and some of you reading this blog post may be in the same situation. I thought I would share with you why I chose the University of Michigan School of Public Health for my Master’s Degree.

  1. Faculty. The faculty at the school are at the top of their fields and produce ground breaking research with students alongside. Not only are they great in the field, but they are stellar in the classroom and attentive to student needs.
  2. Facilities. The buildings are aesthetically pleasing, the laboratories are cutting edge, and the space promotes collaboration, teamwork, and cross-program communication. I have seen my day of outdated-rustic classrooms, and I am so pleased to have arrived.
  3. Program. The top ranked programs here offer a comprehensive curriculum and interesting electives. I have always found the course selection to take me into subject areas that I had never thought of before like “Managing People” and “Sticky Communication”.
  4. University. The University at large reminds me a lot of my undergraduate institution, but bigger. I love to watch the football games, hang out in the downtown area, and be amongst the high spirited undergraduate students.
  5. Location. I have lived in the south my entire life and it was time for a change. I wanted to explore states that did not border Georgia for once. I wanted to experience real snow, the Great Lakes, and the Mid West culture. I must say, “Not bad.”

As I approach graduation, I can say that these reasons still hold true. I am so grateful that I received the opportunity to attend the School of Public Health and cannot wait to see how I apply the knowledge and skills I have learned here. If you are in the decision making phase, I hope this helps you in your process. If you are a current student or alum, this will probably cause you to reflect on your life since accepting admission to the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Leave a comment with your reason for saying Yes.

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