Spring Break Stay-cation: The Joy of Not Going Anywhere


There are a new set of commercials that feature children wreaking havoc around the house. The commercial concludes with “Can you afford not to get away this summer?” And my answer is yes. I grew up in a television dream world where you just HAD to go away for Spring Break, yet my family never did, which is why I was watching so much TV in the first place. So when I got to college and there was not a magic upswing in my income in early March, I was never upset that I couldn’t join my classmates in Cancun, South Beach, or Europe even. I found ways to make my own fun at home, and not having “school” was a prize in and of itself. Here are some of the perks I have found from taking a Spring Break Stay-cation.

Save money and/or avoid debt. Some Spring Break trips can be on the cheaper end, but even road trips sometime end in unexpected expenses (cross state towing). And that is on the low end. I really do not want to burn my study hours working a second job just to afford Spring Break and my parents do not want to come out of retirement either. I have also come to a point in life where I realize, you can not just throw things on a credit card (especially entire non-emergent trips across the country) and worry about it later. Later has become today.

Earn money. I have a great work study Boss who has allowed me to work over Spring Break.  I know some people who go back home and can pick up a few hours at their old summer or holiday job. But, why would you want to work over Spring Break? After being in school for a couple of months, work isn’t all that bad and at the end of the week you get a pay check. Win.

You’re not alone. Not one time have I been left alone for Spring Break. There has always been another straggler left behind to catch a movie with, join for lunch, or go shopping at the local superstore with at 2 a.m. (my rural roots are showing). And even though you do not have to be alone, sometimes it is nice to just sit in silence with your thoughts. I grew up watching TV on the sofa with my Grandmother, so college (especially undergrad) can be a little socially intense for me at times. Plus, I always enjoy my friends and family more after spending a little time away from them.

Day Tripping is fun, action packed, and adventurous. Though you may run into some of those unexpected expenses I mentioned earlier, day tripping is a smaller cost for a lot of fun. You could explore Downtown Ann Arbor like a tourist. Visit the museums, eateries, and sporting events in Detroit. For the serious Day Tripper, you can go to Chicago (IL), Cleveland (OH), Cedar Point, and anywhere else you can safely drive, spend a few hours and come back.

This is not to knock vacations. I love the beach just like the next person, but this is just to say that not everybody goes away. Like Spring Break, vacation is a mindset. You can take your vacation at home.

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