Guest post: photos from Jamaica’s Hagley Gap

During the University of Michigan School of Public Health week of spring vacation, four graduate students traveled to the rural town of Hagley Gap in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. The team consisted of first-years Caroline Kusi and Anna Hing from the Department of Health Behavior and Health Education, as well as first-year Kate Klein in Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology, and second-year General Epidemiology student Gina VanderVeen.

The team was sponsored by the student-led organization Students Engaged in Global Health (SEGH) and the trip’s mission was to work with the grassroots NGO, known as the Blue Mountain Project, to conduct a retrospective study of the health resource and disease occurrence among the patrons of the clinic.

In addition to the completion of data entry, team members enjoyed a homestay experience with families, home cooked Jamaican specialties, a tour of a local farm, helping with after school kids club, and a summit of the highest peak in Jamaica. Included in this photo gallery are some shots of the team during their daily adventures as well as photos of the beautiful Blue Mountain scenery. We hope you enjoy these selections and look for more information about an upcoming SEGH sponsored symposium where we will be sharing the findings of our study.

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