Congratulations MPH Class of 2012!

Katie Sloter

Katie Sloter

Congratulations to my fellow MPH graduates (ahem, ‘colleagues’). Thursday quite a few of us walked across the stage and received our pin (diploma to come later in the mail).


As I wrap up my time blogging here, I want to extend a thank you to my professors, co-workers/bosses, friends, and any readers. I have come away from this MPH program with some life-long friends and some more focused goals for the future. I am excited to realize that the people in my class will go on to do amazing things. We’ve been applying for jobs as well as frantically wrapping up our two-year program, and it is exciting for me to see the return on the investment we’ve made. Some classmates are going on to further their education– everything from law school to medical school, social work to education. Some have received competitive fellowships through the CSTE or Global Health Core, or jobs in academia or the government. All I know is that I am extremely proud of my classmates and my friends, and have no doubt that though we’ll take diverse paths– the success of each of them I will count as my own. After all, if they win, so do I.


Once again, congratulations class of 2012. I will miss you dearly, and am so very proud of you.


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