Starting it Off Right


  I’m Danielle Taubman and I’m amazed to say that I’m a second year HBHE student this year.  Even though I’m from Michigan and even though I went to the University of Michigan as an undergraduate, I can remember the nervousness and anxieties I had before beginning at the School of Public Health last year.  Of course, starting any new school, program, or job is a challenge.  Although it was an adjustment, like my peers, I adjusted.  I met the challenges presented to me in my first year of grad school and learned a great deal about how I interact with others, handle barriers, and find solutions both in a professional and personal setting.

I had a difficult time choosing which MPH program to attend. In the end, I was attracted to the interdisciplinary curriculum,  first-class professors, and attention to a global perspective on health that we have at the U of M. And since making my decision to go to U of M SPH, I have certainly appreciated those aspects of the school.  By going to the U of M, you can really do anything (within reason) that you want to do. One girl will plan a freeze mob, a few students will speak at a symposium, someone will intern at the CDC, and I created a student group for Jewish students at SPH.

This year I want to continue to meet new people (I can never meet enough!), get more hands-on experiences, have more conversations with professors and professionals in the field, and be there for the first years as last year’s second years were there for me.  I’m looking forward to starting and finishing this final year off right and am quite interested to see how the story goes.

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