Grad School Orientation Recap


Disclaimer: This blog post is about a week old. However I felt it was still important to offer some insight into what all incoming HMP students encountered during our 4-day orientation week. Please excuse the tardiness (due to studying…) and enjoy:

Day 1:

Orientation breakfast starts at 7:15am and I have only one thought, “Why so early?” After deciding to walk, Sophia (HMP student) and I end up arriving just in time to inhale a bagel and sit down for opening statements. Despite the morning, majority of students excited to begin. A few introductions from SPH staff later and we’re off to algebra testing. One scantron sheet later and official events are over. Lunch with some fellow classmates at Ashley’s and day 1 is in the books.

Day 2:

All departments in the School of Public Health have Tuesday off. Well except HMP because we’re more hardcore (sarcasm). We start with a scavenger hunt that moonlighted as a self-guided campus tour and icebreaker in one. Not sure how team, “We’re not running” did, but our faculty led discussion on Atul Gawande’s book, “Better” leaves us no time to rest. On a side note, I would recommend it to anyone interested in healthcare.

Nighttime activities include a student, faculty and alumni social event. I am always impressed by the level of success achieved by Michigan alumni, but even more refreshed by their willingness to offer a helping hand to the next generation.

Day 3:

Everything today revolves around the Practice Plunge. A group field trip with other incoming students from the public health, focused on interdisciplinary learning and communication. The anti-silo or anti-HMP only hangs out with other HMP student’s effect. My bus is off to visit Wayne County Public Health Department.  Upon arrival, we are guided into a room of public health professionals to hear a day in the life. The intricacies of the public health department with respect to disease control, immunization and emergency preparedness are informative, with the most entertaining discussion revolving around food safety inspection. Just don’t expect to look at a restaurant the same ever again.

Day 4:

The University of Michigan School of Public Health administration starts the day with a rousing collection of speeches tailored to excite and motivate the incoming class. I specifically remember a point when each respective department must cheer when called. I think it’s pretty obvious the Health Management and Policy crew wins (I really hope you’re not taking me literally). With spirits soaring high, we break for lunch, followed by a brief informational session on career services and a meeting with my academic advisor.

Next blog post will either be about classes or the HMP social life. Also, I know some of you have questions, feel free to comment and I will respond best I can.

Andy Mychkovsky is a first year HMP student at the School of Public Health.

One thought on “Grad School Orientation Recap

  1. I think you did a really good job of taking readers through your first week and I appreciate the humor and honesty. Did you think the orientation helped you to…”get oriented?” It sounds like a nice time to meet your peers and the faculty.

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