One Down One To Go

Hello out there! We’re just wrapping up our second week back at SPH so I figure there’s no better time to introduce myself. My name is Ezinne Ndukwe, I’m a second year HBHE student from Columbus, Ohio and I did my undergrad at the University of Notre Dame. For those of you wondering, it is possible to make it at UofM when both your hometown and your alma mater are two of the school’s biggest rivals.

Starting back at SPH was such an awesome feeling. I didn’t expect to be so excited to reunite with the friends I made during my first year, but these past two weeks have been great—hearing all the crazy stories and life changes that happened during internships. I’m most excited to see how everyone’s summer experiences have affected their public health interests. Personally, my internship helped me to focus my interests. I spent the summer in Washington D.C. doing research on knowledge and awareness levels of breast and cervical cancer screening practices among female African immigrants to the US. I learned a lot during the summer but more importantly I was challenged. My research challenged both what I thought I knew about myself (I’d always considered myself to be extremely outgoing until I was recruiting participants on my own at community events) and what I thought I knew about the population with which I was working (born to immigrant parents, I believed I was well-versed in the needs of the African immigrant population). My internship also showed me just how rewarding it can be to work within a community. I’ve come back to SPH wiser and armed with questions on to how to improve upon my research techniques, and how to be a more effective health communicator.

If you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at

One thought on “One Down One To Go

  1. Hi how are you doing,i was looking information in your school on how i can apply for masters program,then i come to read your post…it was nice reading it.

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