Promoting a Culture of Health


On September 12, 2012 I attended the kick-off of the National Tobacco-Free College Campus Initiative here at SPH.

Dr. Howard Koh, Assistant Secretary for Health at the Department of Health and Human Services, U of M President Mary Sue Coleman, and SPH Dean Martin Philbert gave remarks on the significance of this day in history.

SPH faculty members have contributed greatly to tobacco policy. I am proud to be a student at an academic institution that continues to be so heavily invested in improving the health of so many.

All 3 U-M campuses became smoke free on July 1, 2011.

A panel of tobacco experts offered their perspectives on implementing a tobacco-free campus initiative. The following is just some of the insight they gave on what is necessary for a campus to go tobacco-free:

• It takes effort from everyone
• Take time to implement
• Broaden the ways and reason for a campus to go tobacco-free
• Use peer enforcement

My niece started kindergarten this fall. I look forward to her beginning college in the future, and never knowing a time when people used tobacco on campus.

To view a video of the kick-off, follow the link here:  Tobacco Free College Campus Initiative Launched at U-M

4 thoughts on “Promoting a Culture of Health

  1. Yeah! you can learned a lot from this symposiums and forum. I once joined a school symposium concerning HIV and i must say that there are lots of things that you don’t know about this issue and listening from experts makes you comfortable that all you’ve heard are facts and not just myths taken from nowhere.

  2. The following week, I went to a business school forum on Value Driven Health Care sponsored by the Health Care & Life Science Club at Ross. Very illuminating to see the response from industry to health care cost pressures.

  3. Exactly! And it is nice to hear from those that are working with the knowledge and putting it into practice, leading to change in our society.

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