Hello from Texas!

Tiffany Yang

How is it almost October already? The past few months have gone by so quickly with research and, of course, fun. It’s been really nice to be able to concentrate on my research and work on other research-related things. For instance, I got the opportunity to help with a grant proposal. That was a really interesting process and it was neat to sit in on planning meetings and see the delegation of projects and formation of ideas. It is always inspiring, but self-esteem-reducing, to see your professors be….unending fountains of ideas. One day…

I was also able to attend the Obesity Society’s meeting in Texas this past week and present a poster of my work. The conference was huge! There were almost 900 posters and the size of the exhibit hall where the posters were held was enormous. The meeting days were long, but I had a great time meeting people in the field and attending all sorts of talks. I really appreciated that they ranged from basic science to epidemiology to translation for practice and the seminars themselves included neuroscience, metabolism and integrative physiology, intervention and clinical studies, population health and policy, and clinical and professional practice. I attended many sessions outside my scope of research and found that I was really taken with the research on energy balance, hunger and satiety, and circadian rhythms. I even went to an evening corporate-sponsored meeting on new treatments for obesity (the RD in me was really curious) and learned a few things. The whole experience was educational and fun; San Antonio is a beautiful (and warm!) city and I got to indulge in my love of Mexican (ok, Tex-Mex) food.

One thing that struck me as a “Michigan difference” came from talking to graduate students at other universities. The relative ease of proposing, and being allowed, to add the MPH and RD onto my PhD track made me assume that it would be that way at other institutions. Nope. I was told that it was really unusual, that I was lucky, and that many of their faculty members wouldn’t tolerate the idea of having time being taken away from research-based activities. That’s a really cool thing about Michigan, how there’s value in encouraging the individual to expand their scope of knowledge. Go Blue, right?

3 thoughts on “Hello from Texas!

  1. It sounds like the meeting you attended was an eyeopening experience for you. I think it’s always a wonderful opportunity to be able to attend a conference with people from different disciplines and programs in order to learn from a different perspective and integrate several divergent or perhaps complementary ideas about health. I’d like to hear more about why you chose to get an MPH, RD, and PhD and what you hope to accomplish in your career. Sounds like a really great mix!

  2. Hi Tiffany, I loved your blog post today – but even more I’m glad we could share in the grant writing and TOS meetings. It’s great to have you on board. If you liked TOS, maybe try ASN next year, it’s even bigger 🙂

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