7 thoughts on “30% of the reason why I take the stairs

  1. I take the stairs because I live in Paris….For the most part, I have no choice in the matter. Whether i am going up my Paris garret on the 7th floor in the 15th arrondissement, or taking the Metro and changing from one line to the other…..I have to take the stairs. One good thing about this forced aerobics is that i no longer need a Gym membership. So.

    • Thank you for the comment! Barring those with disabilities, I think that when a choice is presented between the stairs or an elevator/escalator, many individuals make the unconscious decision to take the latter. The idea of infrastructure (and laws, like wearing your seat belt or banning smoking in restaurants) as public health is really interesting to me, but I fear that the perceived butting in on personal choice would make implementation of these effects difficult.

      I do agree with the aerobic benefits of taking the stairs! The 6th ad from the link in my post also agrees.

  2. I do the stair-walk whenever I can, Tiffany! We people who sit at computers much of the day need this activity. Actually feels good to huff and puff along the way!

  3. I do take the stairs as often as possible, but the elevators all around me are very tempting! I’m from the suburbs, and I can definitely say that being in Ann Arbor makes walking to places much easier and more enjoyable. Cities are great for that kind of thing!

    • I was thinking about your suburb comment and it made me realize that my childhood environment didn’t really involve stairs or elevators since almost every building I ever went in had only one floor.

  4. I recently found out that my bone density is lower than I would like it to be. I have since started taking the stairs in order to increase my weight bearing exercise. (Yoga and biking are not so weight-bearing.)

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