The Epitome of Busy


This semester has been extremely busy thus far. I do not believe anyone could have prepared me for how this semester would go. Learning how to balance things is definitely key. Of course school alone keeps one occupied enough. Along with that, I have been going thru the administrative fellowship process in which I put together packets consisting of personal statements, cover letters, resumes, letters of recommendations, and transcripts, for different healthcare organizations. I sent 18 packets off to 18 different organizations with a goal of working for one of them come July 2013.

2012 NAHSE Case Competition Team (Semifinalists)

I’ve also spent a lot of time this semester analyzing a case for the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) Case Competition, in which I and 2 colleagues competed in this October. I can truly say that was the most extensive project/presentation I have worked on during graduate school. We applied many concepts learned in class to a real life business case for Catholic Health Partners, located in Toledo, OH. We presented our case analysis, business plan, and recommendations to executives during the NAHSE Conference in Houston this past month. We made it to the Semifinals, but honestly, the most rewarding part of the process was bonding with my teammates. The NAHSE Conference is an educational conference for healthcare executives where you attend workshops, professional development events, luncheons, and most importantly, network with other healthcare administrators. The Michigan HMP network is extremely vast, which is a very good sign of the future success one can attain.

PHSAD at Food Gatherers

As President of the Public Health Students of African Descent (PHSAD), I have been busy encouraging my fellow students to attend professional development meetings and participate in service projects/activities. The most challenging part of being a student leader is engaging fellow students. Everyone is busy, and in order for students to attend events, they have to feel as if it will be worth their time. We have a few more events planned for the semester from outreach to an alumni panel. In addition to these things, we are also planning for a Minority Health Conference which will be held on February 22, 2013. We are very excited about this event and I will post more about it in the next few months.

My classes are going very well. I am taking Finance, Health Law, Operations Research, Environmental Health, and I finished my 1 credit Transformational Leadership course. I like all but one of my classes this semester, and despite this semester being one of my most challenging,  I truly feel as if I am learning skills to take with me as I jumpstart my career.

Live in the Big House!

In order to stay sane, I manage to incorporate a fun activity into every weekend. I am a HUGE football fan, and have attended every game except one this semester. The tailgates are a great time to bond with classmates and interact with one another outside of SPH. I was in the building when Michigan won their 900th game, and it was an even sweeter victory because they beat Michigan State! I have 2 more home games left as a student, which is extremely bittersweet. I will definitely miss my cohort once we all graduate.

The key to success this semester is learning how to balance everything. Once everything is balanced, things will fall into place. Hope I didn’t scare you all off from attending graduate school! 🙂 Have a great week and GO BLUE!

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