Guide to being an effective graduate student


How to be an effective graduate student:

  1. Be social, even if it pushes the boundaries of your comfort zone. Your peers not only represent the future of healthcare, but also your next two years. Draw on various personalities and backgrounds to enhance your overall experience.
  2. Don’t take graduate school too seriously. Nobody gets out alive.
  3. Despite what others say, I strongly suggest you work during school. Not only will it provide some income, but more importantly allow you to apply the knowledge gained. This will not only refine your own skills, but also reinforce your reasons for pursuing a degree in public health.
  4. Please don’t research to just get published. Research, then use it to solve real problems. My single greatest critique of academia is the exorbitant amount of research that is never applied or implemented to solve a practical solution in the world.
  5. Never underestimate your professional background. Literally everything is relevant in public health.
  6. Your classmates will make or break your graduate school experience. I’m biased, but I think my friends are the single greatest reason I’m enjoying my experience here at Michigan.
  7. Professors are people too. Talk to them.
  8. If you were accepted into this program, you are smart. However, so is everyone else. Never underestimate anyone.
  9.  DO NOT spend all your time at the School of Public Health. Attend football games, play intramural sports, take classes at the policy school, attend lectures across campus and actively seek out other students from various disciplines.
  10. Don’t forget to vote! (Let’s move Forward…)

Andy Mychkovsky is a first year HMP student at the School of Public Health.

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