Hail to the Victors


There are many rough days when I’m exhausted, sore, and just plain sick of running.  Sometimes I question why we bother to work so hard or what keeps us going so long.  This past weekend made all the effort very worthwhile as we won the Big Ten Cross Country Championship!  It had been our focus all year and took an incredible amount of teamwork this past Sunday to achieve our goals.  Having such a welcoming team has been a blessing for my last year of cross country and has helped me to improve drastically.  So while I have yet to blog much about my experiences in the classroom, I couldn’t resist sharing this excitement.  Michigan embodies an excellent school, and of course, some fantastic sports teams!

Michigan women’s cross country: Big Ten Champions!

5 thoughts on “Hail to the Victors

  1. Congrats, Amanda! I imagine you must work very hard at both your U-M pursuits–wonderful to hear this great news. Go Blue!

  2. Congratulations Amanda and the team, winning the ‘Big Ten Cross Country Championship’ is something to be very proud of and a great reward for all the hard work and dedication you have put in. If you ever question ‘why do the hard work’ ever again, simply reflect on the feeling you got from being a part of a winning team and the applause and support you got before, during and after your success. Well Done once again

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