Happy Retirement Pat O’Kray, You Earned It!!!



“Happy Retirement to You, Happy Retirement to You, Happy Retirement Dear Pat, Happy Retirement to You!”

Today faculty, students, and staff met in the GLC Leadership Room to celebrate the illustrious career of Pat O’Kray.  Having served 15 years at the School of Public Health, she has amassed the greatest amount of knowledge and most importantly, respect, from the entire department.

These past few months, Pat has served as a confidant, resource, and friend to me and my many classmates. Without her guidance, I know with absolute certainty, my transition to graduate school life would have much more difficult. From internships, to class scheduling, to responding to a barrage of random emails, she is one word, wonderful.

photo (3)

Pat O’Kray did not work for the University of Michigan Health Management and Policy department, she embodied it. On behalf of the entire HMP 2014 class, we will miss you.

Andy Mychkovsky is a first year HMP student at the School of Public Health.

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