Finding the Perfect Study Spot at U of M



There are less than 3 months left before graduation and I am still on the search for the perfect studying spot(s) on campus. During my first year, I was lucky enough to have a work space at the Center for Managing Chronic Disease and this became my go to spot for getting some major work done. I rarely ventured outside the walls of the School of Public Health (SPH) my first year for studying purposes. I tried everything from trying to get homework done at the Glasshouse Café, sneaking in to the Organ room, lying around on the couches of the first and second floor study areas, spending hour after hour in the HBHE student lounge, and walking the halls in search of random empty classrooms or meeting rooms. I even looked around the barren halls of the SPH2 building to find a hidden study spot on the second floor in what used to be the old SPH library.

UM SPH Study Lounges on the 2nd Floor. Photo Courtesy of

UM SPH Study Lounges on the 2nd Floor. Photo Courtesy of

This year I needed a break from SPH and made it a goal to study in other areas of campus. I found this to be more productive for me (but more boring too) because I wasn’t getting distracted by running into as many classmates. Some of my favorite places to study now are the Rackham Reading Room and Study Halls, the lower levels of Hatcher Graduate Library (the internet signal is pretty bad so there are less distractions) and their tiny individual study rooms on the higher floors. I also have been spending time at the Shapiro Undergraduate Library (this place is usually packed, especially late night, but it is so big that I can usually find an isolated study area somewhere). If I can get myself to go to North Campus, then “The Dude” is the place to be…24hrs of the day!

I still have a few more places to check out before the year is over, but I highly recommend checking out the many buildings on campus and finding your perfect study spot(s). Here’s a link with a few suggestions:

What’s your favorite place to study?

2 thoughts on “Finding the Perfect Study Spot at U of M

  1. As an undergrad, the 4th floor ugli in the science library was my favorite. Most undergrads don’t venture up that far. It stays quiet up there even when the lower ugli floors don’t. Now, I’ve gotten into the unfortunately expensive but delicious habit of going to Mighty Good Coffee or Sweetwaters.

  2. One of my favorite places to study is the Dude (aka the Duderstadt Center, aka the Engineering/North Campus Library). They have great study spaces, tons of computers, and I always feel more motivated when surrounded by engineers.

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